Welcome to Wild Ones of Twin Cities

Welcome to Wild Ones Twin Cities!

Please visit our chapter website for more information and local native plant resources.

The Twin Cities Chapter of Wild Ones was chartered in 2001 and is one of several chapters in Minnesota.  As we have grown, so has our network of native plant enthusiasts, gardeners, landscapers, nurseries and institutions who support our mission of educating the public about the benefits of preserving and restoring biodiversity of our native plant communities, beginning in our own yards and gardens.

The national Wild Ones group was formed in 1979, and the Twin Cities chapter held their first meeting in 2001. Our local chapter provides a venue for educating members and sharing information about using plants adapted to our own soils and climate, rather than struggling to maintain exotic and sometimes invasive plantings.

Nationally, Wild Ones has nearly 4,000 individual, household, and business memberships and there are seven active chapters and one seedling in Minnesota.

Events we sponsor include:

  • Monthly meetings with presentations by experts in native plants, natural landscaping and habitat restoration. Most meetings are open to the public.
  • Tours of members’ yards to experience examples of formal and informal garden styles, raingardens, woodland gardens and butterfly attractors.
  • Guided field trips through natural areas.
  • Gardening at the Nokomis Naturescape on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, from April through October
  • “How-to” sessions and hands-on practice maintaining native plantings.
  • Plant and seed sales and exchanges.

CONTACT US at [email protected]

Chapter Officers

  • Co-President: OPEN
  • Co-President: OPEN
  • Acting President: Jeremy Mayberg
  • Secretary: Susan Tertell
  • Treasurer: Holley Wlodarczyk
  • Membership: Ginny Halloran
  • Past President: Roz Johnson

Chapter Board

  • Outreach: Vicki Bonk
  • Social Media:  Andy Scott
  • President Emeritus: Marty Rice

Officers serve a one year term and are elected each November. Chair positions may be filled at anytime. Please consider sharing your interest by getting involved in one of these capacities, helping support the healthy continuation and growth of our chapter. Duties are flexible, and there is a strong core of former members who are still very much involved in the group who will be happy to help newcomers. Board meetings are held quarterly and open to all members. They often involve food and always involve laughter. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.